Social media

Shachar Marketing Communication offers a unique package for global companies that are looking to increase their presence in the Israeli market with an emphasis on the local Social media.

Social media, which includes forums, social networks and blogs, is fast becoming an important and central source of information. In today’s world, organizations, companies, and individuals cannot overlook the social discourse. Alongside opportunities and marketing insights that arise from following the social media conversations, there is a considerable risk in this media for brands and organizations.

Shachar marketing communication specializes in social media marketing & management, services that work within a business niche, budget and expectations. With our knowledgeable staff, we can handle just about any social media marketing content or management request.

Our main advantages is that we know our costumer’s policy and already manage their messages, so we know how to customize integrated marketing strategies to amplify our costumer’s voice on the Web.

Main Digital Media Activities:

The digital marketing and digital media management activity are divided into several specialized areas:

  • Social Media Marketing (paid) ads on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Social Media Presence and non-paid activity on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.
  • Content Management – Content writing and content management of website materials using an SEO-oriented writing perspective. This may also include blogging and blog management.

Our Recommended platforms:

Facebook – A Facebook page will accompany the blog and will address the general public as the one-stop page for questions. It will try to give the common person an explanation of how the company will help him in his day-to-day life, focusing on products and services as well as promoting issues that arise in the blog itself.

Linkedin – professional arena for connecting with other IT personnel and spreading information – by presence on various professional groups.

Twitter – Twitter is a well-known platform for B2C messages. It recently began a revival also in B2B world, but it is still in the beginning.

Blog – The Israeli Portal: We recommend opening a news blog about the company’s expertise. The portal will be sponsored by the company. The blog will be accompanied with SEO services in order to promote it and gain more audience through organic growth.